Your children may register from the age of 4 -18 years of age. Beginners will be accepted in the Future Stars program until 10 years old and experienced players may get into a Competitive Team upon assessment of the coach until 18 years old.

Tuition for a full season of training at Paris Saint-Germain Academy Saudi Arabia is SR2,250.00 per term and is payable in advance.

An Annual Membership fee of SR500 covers Administrative requirements. Once registered, all players will receive their Paris Saint-Germain Academy kit (Jersey/Shorts/Socks)

Of Course! Every additional sibling player gets a 10% rebate on their Tuition fees.

No refund will be granted if you decide to withdraw your children from any of the PSG Academy Camps, Teams or Clinics. You may contact the office to notify a cancellation at info@psgacademyksa.com

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Saudi Arabia focuses on excellence, rigor, success, discipline and team work. The Paris Saint-Germain FC has become one of the Top 8 European clubs and is playing soccer synonymous with technical excellence, ball possession, blasting attacks and high level of goal scoring.

The PSG program emphasizes in enhancing individual skills and tactics as much as mental conditioning for every player through the traditional techniques of soccer: ball control, passing, shooting and scoring.

The Paris Saint-Germain Cup is an exclusive international competition held in Paris every year in May involving players from all over the world: Brazil, France, USA, Canada, Morocco, India… Only the best players of each PSG academy in the world are invited to participate. The players spend 5 days in Paris among the Paris Saint-Germain FC.

Programs have been designed by Paris Saint-Germain FC in Paris. From U6 through U18, Paris Saint-Germain Academy Saudi Arabia provides each player with a custom program adapted to his age and skills. From the youngest initiation teams to our older groups, our experienced coaching crew will assess every child with the most adequate team or training group.

Paris Saint-Germain FC is dedicated to fostering young talents. The project of developing the Paris Saint-Germain Academy all over the world emerged with the ambition to scout young players within the next years.  Paris Saint-Germain Academy Saudi Arabia gives to each and every talented player the opportunity to be trained like a professional player, get scouted and become a professional soccer player. 

A certified Paris Saint-Germain Coach is a soccer coach who:

  • is employed by Paris Saint-Germain Academy Saudi Arabia
  • receives and applies the official PSG coaching training designed by Paris Saint-Germain FC
  • is a soccer licensed professional
  • is a youth experienced professional
  • gets evaluated by the Paris Saint-Germain on a monthly basis upon achievements

 You will need to submit your details to go onto a list for permission to enter the American School grounds. Go to http://psgacademyksa.com/sa/aisj-access/